The Ebola Project - A partnership aimed at seeking solutions

There is an initiative called The Ebola Project, which was recently launched and it has positioned itself as an opportunity to search for Ebola Solutions.

In partnership with the African Federation for Emergency Medicine, the Founder and CEO of Health Solutions Fanie Hattingh says this is an opportunity to showcase African leadership & African entrepreneurship.

Today, the plan was to pilot a first “solution”, between 14h00 and 1600 at Tygerberg Hospital, in partnership with the Western Cape Metro Emergency Medical Services.

A mock Ebola exercise was conducted, by deploying an emergency tent, setting up a mock ebola ward, dressing up in protective gear and showing how medical personnel could remotely manage an ebola patient in West Africa, through a technology platform, satellite link and telemedicine platform.

It was also linked to ICU doctors in JHB and project partners at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative in Boston, USA.

Dr. Hattingh spoke to John about the project aims.

You can follow The Ebola Project on Facebook:

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