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Manenberg mothers stand together to protect their children from joining gangs

14 April 2016 1:45 PM
Taking Back our Children Campaign’ - Manenberg mothers are equipping themselves with skills to protect their children from gangs.

The Manenberg residents have been held hostage for the past two weeks by the gang violence that has spiralled out of control in the area.

A group of 10 women in Manenberg have decided to make a difference by protecting their children from joining gangs.

They have initiated ‘Taking Back our Children Campaign’, which seeks to equip mothers with the skills they need to be able to identify whether their children are at risk of joining gangs.

These women are determined to put a stop to gangsterism before it swallows young children.

Cape Talk’s Pippa Hudson spoke to Amelia September, campaign leader, about what inspired them to start such campaign.

Listen to the full conversation below:

What we decided to do was to come with alternative ways to occupy our children and giving them other opportunities as well as life outside Manenberg.

Amelia September, campaign leader

Part of the programme is to take children out of Manenberg in term of integrated programs and excursions and giving them some training around conflict management and containment.

Amelia September, campaign leader

Parents also need to identify and be open when their children are identified as being part of violent activities so that we can help to support and not to judge them.

Amelia September, campaign leader

14 April 2016 1:45 PM