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Cape's rock star photographer snaps Iron Maiden's Ed Force One in flight

25 May 2016 11:42 AM
Music guru Ian Bredenkamp chats to Justin de Reuck about the rare opportunity to photograph the Ed Force One above Table Mountain.

Cape Town photographer Justin de Reuck had the privilege of shooting the Iron Maiden's tour plane mid air in the Mother City last week.

The heavy metal band contacted the aviation photographer to capture the Ed Force One in a dramatic air-to-air shoot over Table Mountain before they jetted off.

De Reuk told resident music guru Ian Bredenkamp that he had to jump through many hoops to make the beautiful shot happen - with just one day to prepare.

Other than their talent, the band is unique because it travels across the world in a Boeing 747 flown by frontman Bruce Dickinson.

De Reuck confesses that he was a little star struck when he met the Iron Maiden vocalist.

Meeting the guy was just incredible. To think that I was sitting around the table, having a beer with him, discussing how we're going to photograph Ed Force One.

Justin de Reuck, Cape Town-based aviation photographer

Listen to the full conversation:

WATCH: Ed Force One flies past CapeTalk studios:

Visit Justin de Reuck's website here to see more of his work.

25 May 2016 11:42 AM