TECHNOBYTE for 11 July 2016

This week I’ve been playing with two cameras that will fit into your social lifestyle of creating online content.

The first camera is the Fondi. This is the smallest and lightest OnReal camera in the world weighing just 25 grams. It has a 8 MP camera and can capture images and videos at a wide 120 degree angle. The Fondi has a built in microphone and the ability to record video in 1080p as well capture time-lapse images. There is also an app available which lets you view your content as you record it on your device.

The second camera I have been playing with is the Samsung Gear 360. This is 360 degree camera that allows you to capture videos and photographs to be viewed on your Samsung device or using the VR headset set. It takes great photographs and videos and is incredibly easy to use. Integration with Samsung devices is seamless. Samsung have done a great job with the Gear 360 making it user friendly for consumers to share their content on social media and amongst friends. This is one of the devices that will drive the virtual relating revolution.

Nintendo Co., which hasn’t yet thrown itself fully into the world of mobile gaming, is giving people a good idea of what a smartphone hit looks like with the success of Pokemon Go. The company has added more than $7 billion in market value since last week’s debut of a new smartphone app for its Pokemon fantasy monster character franchise. The game, which lets users track down virtual monsters in their vicinity, has topped the free-to-download app charts for Apple in the U.S. and Australia since its release on July 7, according to market researcher App Annie. Nintendo’s shares responded with their biggest intraday jump since at least 1983, when the stock started trading in Tokyo, climbing as much as 25 percent on Monday. Investors are taking Pokemon’s early success as a sign of things to come for a company that has yet to commit the most popular characters from its Mario or Zelda franchises to mobile gaming apps.

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