TECHNOBYTE for 18 July 2016

Samsung’s Gear 360 takes virtual reality to the masses, the health benefits and the dangers of Pokemon.

This week I have been playing with is the Samsung Gear 360. This is 360 degree camera that allows you to capture videos and photographs to be viewed on your Samsung device or using the VR headset set. It takes great photographs and videos and is incredibly easy to use. Integration with Samsung devices is seamless. Samsung have done a great job with the Gear 360 making it user friendly for consumers to share their content on social media and amongst friends. This is one of the devices that will drive the virtual relating revolution.

Real headaches for public safety departments around the country as Pokemon Go users find themselves in accidents, mishaps, even real danger. It seems the Pokemon Go crime wave hoax fabricated by 26-year-old Pablo Reyes on foreshadowed several real-life, non-fictional accidents. Incidents caused by the immensely popular augmented-reality smartphone game range from mishaps and misadventures to near-tragedies.

Millions of Pokémon Go users are suddenly getting real exercise while playing the game, which is done by walking around the real world with a smartphone, and evidence of the increased activity has started showing up in data collected by wearers of fitness-tracking devices. Jawbone Inc. found that wearers of the Up fitness band who referenced "Pokémon Go" on the device's app took more steps last weekend than in the five weekends prior.

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Technobyte: e-Health and Silicon Valley medical innovations

Technobyte: e-Health and Silicon Valley medical innovations

This week we focus on Aki's trip to Silicon Valley, an interview with Founder of Health Tap, and advanced body scans and e-health.

Technobyte: Live from Silicon Valley this week

Technobyte: Live from Silicon Valley this week

Live from California with Discovery MedTech Programme, checking out 'uber' for dogs...and the hacking of San Francisco transport.

TECHNOBYTE for 29 August 2014

On Technobyte this week we review the Garmin HUD, Apple to launch the latest iPhone and our app of the week is Hyperlapse

TECHNOBYTE for 22 August 2014

On Technobyte we review the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, microjobbing phenomenon Money For Jam launches in South Africa and how have telecommunications costs changed in the last decade.

TECHNOBYTE for 15 August 2014

The MTN App of the Year is announced and Zelda Williams quits social networks because of trolls.

TECHNOBYTE for 08 August 2014

On Technobyte this week we get Ethnee connected to Twitter and we look at the Europe vs Facebook class action lawsuit.