Positive lessons for children in supermarket collectable games

According to Parental Expert Nikki Bush, we live in a world that is reward based. Most businesses are capitalising on giving away something to lure customers to come back and shop more.

We get rewarded for just about anything. For buying, good healthy habits and for exercising .... and our kids see us being rewarded at every turn. So they themselves are getting conditioned to expect rewards for good behavior and for doing things right...

Nikki Bush - Parenting expert

Bush spoke about the rewards supermarkets are currently giving to shoppers.

Pick n Pay is running the Super Animals campaign and giving away cards that have different species of animals printed on them. Checkers has the Little Shop Mini Collectables where customers collect miniature groceries when they spend a certain amount at the tills.

Bush says children are primed by the marketers to look forward to such rewards. The idea that kids should make a collection is a brilliant one, according to Bush. The idea teaches children to strategise around what they have collected, what they still need to get, learn to trade and swap with other children.

Delayed gratification is such an important concept for children to come to terms with because they are the instant gratification. They have been used to customised childhood where everything is being customised for babies.

Nikki Bush - Parenting expert

Now we need to teach them they don't get everything on a silver platter

Nikki Bush - Parenting expert

Bush says delaying gratification is important for goal setting. Learning that things take time to achieve is important for succeeding in your studies because school doesn't happen over night.

She says children who learn self control and delayed gratification do well in life.

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