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Pet rehab for ageing or ill animals works wonders

19 August 2016 6:38 PM
Pet Wellness Worx provides rehabilitation for older pets, or those with hip dysplasia or spinal injuries, to regain mobility.

Click here to reward a small business that provides great service with a nomination for 2016's Small Business Awards with CapeTalk and Sage One.

Melissa nominated Pet Wellness Worx for the CapeTalk Small Business Awards with Sage one. She says the team is amazing and unselfish. "The people there have been keeping my dog mobile and maintaining her pain since they opened their doors."

She says the amount of empathy, love and care she has seen is astounding.

Owner Lorren Barham talks to John Maytham about the company.

As an animal lover i witnessed in the winter times how my dogs struggled to get up in the mornings.

Lorren Barham, Pet Wellness Worx

Dogs that are getting older, or have conditions like hip dysplasia or spinal injuries, all struggle with mobility.

her love for animals and seeing them going through this pain, led Lorren into the rehabilitation field, and trained in the UK in the field of pet rehab.

They provide pain management, hydro-therapy, acupuncture and more. They treat animals in a day clinic, but not currently in patient facility.

It is a holistic pain management programme. They work with dogs, cats and even bunnies.

They can be contacted on their website.

Listen to the interview below:

19 August 2016 6:38 PM

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