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'Stop dating online its not worth it anymore' - IT specialist

25 August 2016 2:25 PM

Following the arrest of four people in connection with an online dating scam, Pippa Hudson speaks to IT specialist about the risks

The Cape Times reported that four online dating scam syndicate members, two Nigerian men and two local women, have been arrested by the Hawks on Wednesday morning.

According to the paper, the suspects were charged with fraud for allegedly opening bank accounts with all the major banks and using those accounts to receive money from online dating victims.

Following this incident, CapeTalk's Pippa Hudson speaks to Ramon Thomas, IT Specialist about the common mistakes people make online.

Taking risks is the biggest problem because people keep falling for the same scams over and over, says Thomas. The two risks Thomas mentions are first believing the fake profile the scammers create for themselves, and secondly, meeting these people and telling them who you are.

It is not about the money, it is about losing your life

Ramon Thomas, IT Specialist

I have been telling people in my line of work is that it is not worth the risk anymore, it is very dangerous

Ramon Thomas, IT Specialist

It is dangerous that people put themselves on the internet with their real identity. Back in the days people used nicknames, he says. When people use their real identity it becomes easy to be scammed, according to Thomas.

He emphasised that people should not be using online dating at all.

I don't believe it's worth it anymore because of the risks to your life .... do not use a photo of you and your children

Ramon Thomas, IT Specialist

Listen to the full conversation below:

25 August 2016 2:25 PM