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What the quack? Adorable baby goat with anxiety only unwinds wearing duck outfit

1 December 2016 12:49 PM

A blind baby goat that suffers from anxiety is stealing the internet with her duck costume, which has become her security blanket.

There's a baby goat in a duck costume that's winning over hearts across the interwebs.

But it's about more than just playing dress up for this kid.

Leanne Lauricella is the owner of a goat rescue group called Goats of Anarchy in New Jersey, US.

Rescue goat Polly, is blind and suffers from anxiety and other neurological issues.

Lauricella discovered the cutest solution to ease Polly's anxiety problems; particularly her constant crying and restlessness.

She happened upon children's costumes's after the Halloween frenzy at local mall and thought the ensemble would look adorable on her baby goats.

Little did she know that her newest rescue goat Polly would develop a serious connection with the outfit.

As soon as Polly puts on her big orange bill and two webbed feet, she goes into a calm trance - and even doses off!

Polly has become an internet sensation since her story and pictures where posted online last month.

Now Polly is switching it up and trying out other outfits: pig, fox, viking, sweet pea... you name it!

She's also made new baby goat friends back at Goats of Anarchy and they just love her style.

1 December 2016 12:49 PM