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Don't fret over spiders, they are harmless - expert

29 December 2016 11:03 AM
Norman Larsen, biodiversity explorer says doctors are misdiagnosing patients, telling them they've been bitten by a spider.

At the start of summer we are told the chances of finding snakes at home are higher, that also means creepy crawlies such as cockroaches, geckos and spiders come out of hibernation.

Norman Larsen, biodiversity explorer, says there is no need for people to start panicking at the thought of being bitten by a spider.

He says doctors are misdiagnosing patients with spider bites. According to Larsen, spiders are totally harmless.

Spider are totally harmless, I promise you. I have been working on this for 30-years and nobody has ever died from a spider bite in South Africa, not even a black button spider.

Norman Larsen, biodiversity explorer

He says the only spider Capetonians should worry about is the brown button spider which has about 20% venom of the black button spider. Even the brown button spider has never killed anyone, says Larsen.

If your child gets bitten by a brown button, spider take the child to Tygerberg Hospital or Red Cross Children's Hospital...

Norman Larsen, biodiversity explorer

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29 December 2016 11:03 AM