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Is 'Right of Admission Reserved' promoting exclusion? Here's why it's tricky

23 January 2017 2:59 PM

Proving you've been unfairly discriminated against at public establishments comes down to evidence, says lawyer Tyrone Maseko.

While the clause reading 'Right of Admission Reserved' at establishments can be abused, it can also have legal grounds explains attorney Tyrone Maseko.

Maseko says that the signage and accompanying policies create complex law which can be misunderstood by both establishments and patrons.

It's not always obvious whither the discrimination itself is illegal or not.

Tyrone Maseko, attorney

He explains that it is illegal to use 'Right of Admission Reserved' when excluded people on the basis of their race, gender or disability.

This comes after an EWN investigation revealed that an East Rand restaurant doesn't allow gay couples on 'date night'.

In such cases, Maseko says it is important to produce evidence to prove if their stated reason denied entry is illegal or legitimate.

He explains that dress code is a permissible ground on which to discriminate patrons at establishments, but there are many other grey areas.

Take a listen to his legal perspective:

23 January 2017 2:59 PM