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Affordable 3D printed prosthetic helps six-year old grab life with both hands

7 February 2017 9:38 AM
3D printing technology has given a new beginning to a little girl named Meagan who was born with a malformed hand.

A 3D printing company has changed the life of six-year old girl Meagan.


Meagan was born with a malformed hand as result of a condition called Sym­brachy­dacty­ly, which means that one of her hands had not developed properly in utero.

Today she now sports a brand new pink and purple prosthetic hand that cost only R1000 and took only 24 hours to produce.

Meagan's mother Michelle van der Merwe explains that her daughter's left hand didn't develop completely and she was born without fingers.

A prosthetic hand would have cost as much as R200 000, and would have need to be replaced every 18 months as Meagan grew.

The prohibitive costs and maintenance of the limb meant that the van der Merwe family was unable provide her with solutions to make her life easier.

She's a positive girl and we as parents just wanted to see if we can try get a way to make it easier for her.

Michelle van der Merwe

That is, until Tech company Solid Edge stepped in to help.

This is the first time the company used their technology on this kind of endeavor and they have promised to help Meagan with her 3D printed prosthetic into the future.

Meagan can now ride her bicycle using both handle bars and without training wheels for balance. She also wants learn how to play the guitar.

Business development manager of Solid Edge, Jarred De Waal explains how the hand was built and the role of technology in helping people who are differently-abled.

Take a listen to the moving story:

7 February 2017 9:38 AM