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Misconceptions about bisexuality that need to be corrected

10 February 2017 12:48 PM
Clinical sexologist Dr Eve debunks the myths around bisexuality and talks about the discrimination bisexual people often face.

Biphobia is a reality in society, says Clinical sexologist Dr Eve.

Biphobia is the unreasonable antipathy toward bisexuality from people of any other sexual orientation.

Dr Eve advises that bisexuality is often neglected, invisibilised and negated both by the the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) and heterosexual community.

This is because there are a lot of myths around bisexual people.

Contrary to popular opinion, bisexuality is not a 'phase', but rather an enduring and persistent feeling throughout one's life.

Over a period of time, there are physical, romantic and or emotional attraction to other people of various sexes and gender identities.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

Dr Eve debunks some myths around bisexuality:

  • Bisexuals are not people who just need to 'come out of the closet'.
  • Bisexual people are not promiscuous or using the label to have sex with multiple people.
  • They are not cheaters who are looking for an excuse to be sexual.
  • Marriage or long term relationships with one gender or sex, does not mean that a bisexual person has chosen 'a side'

Dr Eve advises that bisexual women in particular face higher risk of mental health disorders because of the discrimination they face.

She distinguishes the difference between bisexuality and men who have sex with men or those who live on the fluid continuum of sexual orientation.

Several callers also share their experiences of bisexuality and Dr Eve unpacks mixed-orientation relationships.

_Take a listen to the intimate discussion (and read more on Dr Eve's website):_

10 February 2017 12:48 PM