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Volunteer drivers needed for blind navigation race

17 February 2017 12:09 PM

Lions Club Sea Point is calling for drivers to help blind motor enthusiasts navigate the Blind Regularity Rally next weekend.

Killarney race track will play host to 51 blind navigators who are taking part in the 51st annual Lions Sea Point Blind Regularity Rally.

Drivers are needed to navigate by blind people reading braile maps and instructions around a course from Killarney and onto public roads.

According to Roger Manton, events coordinator Western Cape South African Regularity Rally Association, the idea is to give blind people a chance to participate in a sport they'd otherwise not be able to participate in. It's a fun day out and builds community and joy.

They're given a route, like A to B... instructions are in braile and your navigator says turn left when you get to this sign and then travel at a certain speed (no speeding).

Roger Manton, Events Coordinator Western Cape South African Regularity Rally Association (SARRA)

Drivers use their own car, the cost to enter is R30, lunch is provided and the idea is to create a team sport between the sighted driver and the blind navigator, providing something fun and different for both.

If you'd like to volunteer, please call 083 415 3184.

Here's the event coordinator Roger Manton talking to CapeTalk's Pippa Hudson:

17 February 2017 12:09 PM