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New immigration laws may hinder foreigners with working permits

21 February 2017 5:24 PM

Immigration lawyer says now a visa in an expired passport - even if you have two passports - means you are illegal in the country.

People married to, living with, or working alongside foreigners with work permits are worried that government doesn’t want them here and is trying to get rid of them.

According to immigration lawyer, June Luna, there is a new directive that states as of yesterday, that people travelling with two passports will be dubbed illegal.

She explains that usually people who have a visa but whose passport is about to expire, just apply for a new passport and then ultimately travel with two passports.

But this is now deemed illegal.

So, what does Home Affairs want?

Well, according to June, they are not clear about it. Home Affairs has yet to gazette this new law and it has not been open for public comment and input.

“I would advise people to take a conservative approach to this, if they think they’re in a situation where they could be caught out because they’ve been travelling with two passports, they should consider doing what Home Affairs recommends, which is to have the visa transferred into a new passport….”

June Luna, immigration laywer

Listen to this immigration lawyer break down the potential risks of the new law:

21 February 2017 5:24 PM