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Tips to get rid of those pesky roaches, but don't splat spreads eggs

22 February 2017 2:55 PM
Listeners wanted advice on how to tackle the local cockroach problem and expert Salim Haji tells you how.

Listeners have been messaging about the enormous cockroaches in Cape Town for day...

Cape Town Pest Control's Salim Haji chats to CapeTalk's early breakfast Show's Abongile Nzelenzele about the cockroach infestation that plagues Cape Town and how to get on top of the problem.

We have over 3000 different species of cockroaches but the main three types found in Cape Town and South Africa are German, Oriental and American cockroaches.

Salim Haji, Cape Town Pest Control

The varieties of cockroach breed in different ways and the one found indoors is usually the small German cockroach.

The big ones are the American ones that usually breed in the outside municipal drains.

The small black cockroaches are the oriental variety.

There's no upside to having cockroaches in your home, though the large outdoor breed does contribute to the environment.

Cockroaches normally breed in the outdoor drains...also in cracks, foundations, sewers and warm areas....and restaurants.

Salim Haji, Cape Town Pest Control

Blocks of flats are particularly at risk because of the shared drain system.


So how do you get rid of them?

Professional fumigation can be expensive so what cost effective preventative methods are there?

  • Fill up all cracks in your home
  • Keep your home clean
  • Don't leave dirty dishes overnight
  • Take out the trash regularly

If you already have cockroaches indoors, the best method for getting rid of the pests is to call in professionals who use human, pet and environmentally friendly pesticides.

Don't splat that cockroach either! It can spread eggs all over the floor.

The best advice is people must not use their hands to kill cockroaches...because it can leave behind eggs which can hatch.

Salim Haji, Cape Town Pest Control

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22 February 2017 2:55 PM