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10 sexting tips on how to keep things spicy (and safe)

24 February 2017 1:29 PM

Interested in sexting but worried about the risks? Dr Eve has created a guideline to help you 'sext' in a fun and responsible way.

Sexting can be incredibly exciting, but it is also very exposing.

Clinical sexologist Dr Eve explains that sexting is sending and receiving any kind of sexually explicit photograph or texts or emoticons.

Dr Eve advises that sexting has become slightly detached, with people sending images of their body parts and not their full selves.

She says sexting typically happens on apps and online.

According to Dr Eve, nude selfies and penis photos (or d**k pics) have become a part of sexting and online dating apps, particularly for gay men.

Research also suggests that many heterosexual women feel violated by unsolicited d**k pics, and only partake in sexting when in relationships.

With risks such as revenge porn and sextortion, sexting can be a difficult space to safely navigate.

Studies show that people are increasingly circulating sexting messages and images to show their friends.

Dr Eve offers the following advice and guidelines:

  • Use the same principle as “I promise i'll pull out”. He doesn’t, so don’t trust the recipient not to share your nude photos and videos
  • Put it on record that you request privacy and then expect none of it
  • Take advantage of selfies and use them to self-admire . Do this before sending them out to gain self-validation and confidence from admiration of another
  • A successful d**k pic is one which includes most of your body
  • Consider whether sexting others whilst in a committed relationship, is cyber infidelity
  • Determine this by asking yourself if your partner would consider this cheating
  • Before sexting images or videos, ask the recipient for permission and consent
  • Remember that sexting is hyper-personal, it increases feelings of realness which rapidly leads to a desire to meet in real life
  • Keep in mind that sending nude images may convey a message that you are open to sexual activity
  • Be very clear on your boundaries, especially when you meet face to face

Visit Dr Eve's blog to learn more and read her book Cyber Infidelity: The New Seduction.

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24 February 2017 1:29 PM