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Going the distance: Dr Eve busts myths about male ejaculation

3 March 2017 12:34 PM
Dr Eve explains that vaginal sex is not the only way to orgasm or achieve pleasure and unpacks trends around male ejaculation.

The male orgasm can be a touchy subject for men, says clinical sexologist Dr Eve.

This is mostly because of the societal pressures placed on masculinity, she explains.

Dr Eve says that there are normative assumptions about what is expected from men in terms of 'normal' ejaculation.

She advises that there is a growing trend of faking orgasms among men.

According to Dr Eve, performance anxiety causes some men to delay their ejaculation during sex.

She explains the process of ejaculation and why it is difficult for men to control.

The average intravaginal ejaculation latency time is three to five minutes, which differs a great deal from men's expectations.

Studies suggest that men believe an adequate time for ejaculation takes between seven to 20 minutes, while the they found the desirable time to be 10 to 25 minutes.

Dr Eve explains that vaginal sex is not the only way to orgasm or achieve pleasure.

Several listeners called in with questions about sex, intimacy, early ejaculation, the stop-start technique, differences in sexual performance across age and more.

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3 March 2017 12:34 PM