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Medicinal marijuana draft guidelines for SA published

8 March 2017 1:10 PM
A draft to guideline growth, process and use of medicinal cannabis has been published by the Medicines Control Council.

Last month, the South African government gave the nod for the manufacture of cannabis for medicinal use in the country.

Today, The Medicine's Control Council has published its draft on the medicinal use of marijuana.

The draft will play a vital role in bringing sanity to the debate, which is the legalisation of narcotics and other substances, said Dr Mark Sonderup, from the South African Medical Association.

Dr. Sonderup emphasised that the importance of medicinal marijuana is to clinically treat chronically ill and vulnerable patients in a controlled and regulated environment.

What we need simultaneously, is in fact to gather the required evidence. This whole area is a massive anecdote.

Dr Mark Sonderup, Vice Chairperson, South African Medical Association

Dr. Sonderup also highlighted the importance of authorities to exercise powers of regulating the industry so to avoid illegal and irregular use of the medicinal cannabis.

For more insights on draft listen to the audio below:

This article first appeared on 702 : Medicinal marijuana draft guidelines for SA published

8 March 2017 1:10 PM