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No alarms triggered on night of van Breda axe murders, says ex security guard

3 May 2017 2:07 PM

Former De Zalze Estate security guard Lorenzo Afrika took the stand and testified that no alarm system was activated on the night.

The Western Cape High Court has heard conflicting arguments regarding alarms activated on the night of the van Breda axe murders, reports EWN's Giovanna Gerbi.

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Henri van Breda is accused of axing his parents and brother to death in January 2015 and has pleaded not guilty to all five charges against him.

His lawyer, Advocate Matthys Combrink, cross-examined security guard Lorenzo Afrika, who was the first person on the scene on the night of the murder.

No one rang the alarm

Combrink claims the family's alarm system was activated at least three times on the night of the killing, but Afrika maintains that he was not called out and no alarms were triggered that night.

Gerbi says Afrika has detailed exactly how he patrolled the estate when he was on duty and the security system in place at the De Zalze estate.

Afrika has been able to answer all the defence's questions without hesitation.

Giovanna Gerbi, EWN reporter

Security at the De Zalze home of the murdered van Breda family has come under sharp focus, Gerbi explains.

Not a good picture of 'sophisticated security'

The defence presented pictures of soil erosion at a point of fencing around the estate, to support its argument that there was a security breach.

The defence is honing in on the security gap in that fence.

Giovanna Gerbi, EWN reporter

Afrika however says the pictures, which were presented into evidence, were taken in 2013 two years prior to the axe murders.

Take a listen to the EWN update:

3 May 2017 2:07 PM