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Do you hide your kinks and fantasies? Exploring sexuality authenticity disorder

19 May 2017 12:46 PM
Do you keep your sexual desires a big secret? Clinical sexologist Dr Eve unpacks why sexual dishonesty is practiced in the bedroom.

Many people are often dishonest about their sexuality.

Clinical sexologist Dr Eve explains that new research has begun to explore a condition known as sexuality authenticity disorder (SAD).

SAD is characterised by a lack of sexual honesty with one's intimate partner(s).

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Many people exploring their authentic sexual desires, especially outside of normative practices, are inclined to keep them a secret due to an intense fear of being shamed.

There isn't enough sexual honesty because of the fear and the stigma that you anticipate from your partner, you keep your true sexual desires dishonest.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

People who suffer from SAD are very secretive and fear being stigmatised about their erotic preferences, says Dr Eve.

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She says that SAD can also lead to depression.

It wears away at soul. You feel that you are so dishonest with yourself that the rest of your life doesn't really feel function.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

According to Dr Eve, some people with SAD suppress their desires from their partners and often express their desires through cheating or cyber infidelity.

She spoke about practical examples of SAD and offered advice to listeners who called in with their personal experiences.

Visit Dr Eve's website to learn more.

Take a listen to the engaging conversation:

19 May 2017 12:46 PM