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Van Breda's injuries match patterns of self-inflicted injury, court told

24 May 2017 2:05 PM

Another expert reiterates claims that his injuries were self-inflicted, while the defence tries to have his statement thrown out.

Another forensic pathologist has testified that Henri van Breda's wounds appear to be self-inflicted, echoing earlier testimony.

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Expert witness Dr Jacob Johannes Dempers is a forensic pathologist‚ who prepared a report on van Breda's injuries, reports Times Live journalist Tanya Farber.

Dempers told the court that, while self-inflicted wounds for gain are rare, van Breda's injuries met the characteristics.

Bid to have van Breda's statement ruled inadmissible

Van Breda's legal defence has contested the admissibility of a statement he made to police after his family was axed to death.

The accused claims that at no point was he offered legal representation or told that what he had said would be used as evidence against him.

Van Breda says while at the detective’s office, a police colonel told him he did not believe a word of his story, did not read him his rights and kept him in a very cold room.

Dempers was meant to testify on the report he compiled, which makes reference to van Breda's police statement.

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However, the defence and the State have agreed to black out parts of the report which make reference to van Breda's statement, until the judge rules on the matter.

Dempers also testified that van Breda's mother and older brother, Rudi, had held up their arms in self-defence against the attacker.

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24 May 2017 2:05 PM