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How businessman Max Lichaba struck gold with his jewellery company

5 July 2017 1:35 PM
Entrepreneur Max Lichaba built his own empire and is the CEO of Lichaba Creations and several other businesses. This is his story.

Max Lichaba is the CEO of Lichaba Creations, a jewellery company under the Lichaba Group.

Lechaba Creations is a jewellery company which specialises in costume and custom jewellery designs.

He explains that Lechaba Creations makes unique designs using high quality metals to guarantee longevity of the pieces they create.

Lichaba was born in a small town called Saaiplaais in Virginia, Welkom.

After school, he would help his mother sell fruit and vegetables to help put food on the table for their struggling family.

At some stage, his family lived in a garage and Lichaba attended a school for children with special needs because it was free, and his parents could not afford school fees and transportation.

He says he was always good at using his hands and later enrolled at Harmony Jewellery School, where he would became a lecturer.

Lichaba says he always imagined owning his own business empire and it was not long until he started with his own range of beadwork.

I started with beads, because I couldn't afford a jewellery machine.

Max Lichaba, CEO of Lichaba Creations

My jewellery is special... It's very African and is doing well in the international markets.

Max Lichaba, CEO of Lichaba Creations

Now, Lichaba Creations exports jewellery to at least seven countries across the globe and has a networth of over R50 million.

It has positioned itself to be a market leader in delivering beneficiated bullion products to both the local and international markets.

Lichaba Creations has grown into becoming an umbrella group which hires more that a 100 employees.

It has very rich history and is inspired by my roots.

Max Lichaba, CEO of Lichaba Creations

I believe in myself so much... I'm a dreamer.

Max Lichaba, CEO of Lichaba Creations

The businessman also owns a chesa nyama in Soweto, Vilakazi Street called Kwa Lichaba which is a popular spot for the locals and tourists. He also has a custom rides business based in Cresta called Lichaba Custom Rides.

Lichaba says his mother played a major role in his entrepreneurial journey.

Take a listen his inspiring story:

5 July 2017 1:35 PM