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Seola Mashamaite's brainchild 'Mon-Cal' ensures industry equipment up to scratch

20 September 2017 12:58 PM
business founder
Seola Mashamaite
Meet this inspiring woman who graduated as a metrologist, worked in a calibration business, before starting her own.

Entrepreneur Seola Mashamaite is the owner and founder of Mon-Cal, an accredited laboratory specialising in calibration services.

Mon-Cal offers calibration of equipment that is used in production of food, medication, cars, and also in the testing industry.

Calibration is when you make sure an instrument is working according to specifications.

Seola Mashamaite, Founder of Mon-Cal

Mashamaite grew up in the rural areas in Limpopo and moved to Johannesburg to studied chemical engineering.

She had to work to finance her studies and soon relaised that chemical engineering was not her calling.

My mom was a domestic worker, and she didn't have money.

Seola Mashamaite, Founder of Mon-Cal

The first year I worked at a company as a trainee in chemical engineering. It was just boring for me.

Seola Mashamaite, Founder of Mon-Cal

I went to work at a recruitment company and I was organising interviews for people who were being head-hunted.

Seola Mashamaite, Founder of Mon-Cal

Seola graduated as a qualified metrologist and went to work in a business that specialised in calibiration.

I saw an advert that they were looking for a trainee metrologist. I applied for the job and they called for an interview.

Seola Mashamaite, Founder of Mon-Cal

I had no money for the interview. I walked to Kyalami from Woodmead and went in. I got the job.

Seola Mashamaite, Founder of Mon-Cal

It was fascinating. Everyday I was learning new things. I felt that this is where you want to be.

Seola Mashamaite, Founder of Mon-Cal

She says metrology and chemical engineering are linked by statistics and data analysis.

When the business became liquidated Seola decided to take the experience and skills she learnt to start her own calibiration company.

Mon-Cal was born in in November 2015 and had a turnover of R1.9 million in 2016.

I remember telling myself that I am going to be an example and prove all the misconceptions and stereotypes wrong.

Seola Mashamaite, Founder of Mon-Cal

I made one R1.9 million [in the first year] and we have customers across Africa.

Seola Mashamaite, Founder of Mon-Cal

She shared the story of how she persevered and defied the odds, despite financial constraints and discouragement from industry peers.

She also explained how calibration works and why it is important for businesses and consumers.

Take a listen to the inspiring entrepreneurial story: