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Maimane on winning DA confidence, Lumka's 'contracts', Ncube on xenophobia in SA

11 May 2015 9:02 AM

Round up of the talkers out of 702's John Robbie Show and Cape Talk's Breakfast with Kieno Kammies

"It's deeply surreal and humbling" - Maimane on winning DA leadership

Image: Aletta Gardner/EWN

Heard on 702's John Robbie Show: speaking following his victory over the weekend in the DA's leadership race, newly-elected DA leader Mmusi Maimane has reflected on the values he will use to grow the DA and the importance of not taking the electorate for granted:

It feels like that moment when you find out you're pregnant and something big is coming but you have to rally yourself up and get on with it. But I certainly look forward to it. It's a deeply surreal and very humbling moment. (On growing the party and balancing the rights of liberals) I've just returned from Liberal International in the UK and their debate there was 'how do you as liberals in support of the rights of individuals, balance the fact that people organise themselves on the basis of religion and many different things? Here in South Africa the conversation is about race and I think that will be an ongoing conversation, but we have to be unanimous on our values. (On the Conservatives taking the UK election) the demise of the Lib-Dem's tells you something that if you don't work for your voters and you don't deliver on your mandate, voters come back and punish you. For us, the key lesson was, if you're going to get into government, then I think the future of South African government is going to be one of coalition government.

"He is lying" - Gauteng government on Lumka contract allegations

Picture of Stuart Lumka courtesy: GCIS

Heard on 702's John Robbie Show: former Gauteng Finance Head Stuart Lumka has come out in defence of reports implicating him in over R50 million of what's deemed 'fruitless and wasteful expenditure' for making payments to an IT company Shimo which Gauteng government say it had no contract with the department:

R58 million to be exact; departmental records clarify my statement from a minute taken down at a meeting of the 30th of October 2008 - at that time, I was not working at the Department. Shimo was imposed by the department to be a partner with Novelle (the Irish partner). I was fired for fruitless and wasteful expenditure but I have just proved (to not being implicated) with these documents. There was a contract before I joined the department. I don't award tenders, I am the Head of the Department; anything that has to be executed which binds the documents has to be signed by me.

Meanwhile, Gauteng Provincial Government Spokersperson, Thabo Masebe maintains that Lumka isn't telling the truth:

He was not unfairly dismissed. There was an independent investigation conducted by EY, which recommended there should be a disciplinary hearing, where an independent lawyer was appointed to precide as the Presiding Officer. Mr Lumka was given an opportunity to state his case and there were witnesses called by government. As far as we are concerned, the process was fair. Shimo had no contract with the Gauteng Provincial Government, it was only Novelle that had a contract and we had no financial obligation to Shimo. He is lying, there were witnesses from government to show that there was no contract between Shimo and the Gauteng government.

"The xenophobic violence is orchestrated, it's not spontaneous" - Ncube

Heard on Cape Talk's Breakfast with Kieno Kammies, with Africa Melane standing in: Mail & Guardian Owner, Trevor Ncube has come out in a hard-hitting column about how xenophobic-fuelled violence is well-orchestrated within boardrooms and the state and it isn't spontaneous. Ncube's column in the recent Mail & Guardian'I fear for the future of South Africa' unpacks Ncube's stance and is the background to the conversation with Africa Melane:

If we go back to the comments of the Zulu King and thereafter there was a very strong message spread throughout WhatsApp and other social media platforms. Then there were placcards distributed throughout KwaZulu-Natal, urging other Africans to move back to their homes 'or else'. That's evidence to show that this thing is not spontaneous, this this thing is being orchestrated somewhere, somewhow. I don't want to use the term 'third force'. Linking this to my own personal experience of a high-ranking friend of mine says 'Don't make the mistake of thinking this is sponteneous - this is orchestrated and something is going to happen'.

This article first appeared on 702 : Maimane on winning DA confidence, Lumka's 'contracts', Ncube on xenophobia in SA

11 May 2015 9:02 AM