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Do you miss polony? (and what childhood foods do you hate now!)

24 May 2018 2:00 PM
childhood foods
Azania takes a trip down memory lane with foods that remind us of tough times as Tiger Brands says polony will be back by October.

Azania takes a trip down memory lane with foods that remind us of trying times like polony and bully beef

She says Tiger Brands has announced it will be manufacturing polony again by October.

They have found no listeria in the frozen pork intended for processing though it still has R80 million of raw products to test.

Azania Mosaka

The company also says it will deal with listeriosis claims for the deaths sensitively.

But have you missed polony on your Kotas and Gatsby?

She takes a fond food memory trip and says in times of crisis it is great to get nostalgic about fave (or not so fave) foods that bring back such potent memories.

She says we all have that meal or ingredient that reminds us of really tough times. Whenever we encounter it, she speculates, it takes us back to those challenging times in our lives.

Some listeners say it reminds them of poverty, while others feel it was a luxury.

Azania asks: What is your relationship with polony? And what other foods do you associate with trying times that you don't ever want to touch? Often kids who went to boarding school no longer eat those foods that were staples back then.

Corned beef is the food that reminds me of trying times.


Another caller says her mom put polony on their school sarmies every day, and now she won't eat any kind of cold processed meat.

Another caller said in her school every Wednesday night was sardine or pilchard night.

Listeners called in with colourful and entertaining food stories - from minced liver, to peanut butter, and even cucumber.

This article first appeared on 702 : Do you miss polony? (and what childhood foods do you hate now!)

24 May 2018 2:00 PM
childhood foods

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