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Here's how to check your load shedding schedule in Cape Town

7 December 2018 1:04 PM
Cape Town
Load shedding
CapeTalk load shedding doc
Eskom has warned that more power cuts can be expected as maintenance continues over the next twelve months.

The country has not had load shedding since 9 December 2018. But it's back...

Update: Eskom has pulled back from stage 4 and is implementing stage 3 load shedding from 8am on Tuesday.

Load shedding continues today at stage 3. Check your Eskom schedule or the Cape Town City schedule depending on your area.

Kieno Kammies speaks to senior general manager for demand management at Eskom Andrew Etzinger who says new build power stations are not "coming to the party" and state capture has diverted attention and resources.

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Residents are urged to take note of the load shedding schedules each day, as Eskom attempts to restore its capacity.

Eskom-supplied areas are subject to all load shedding, and City of Cape Town customers will soon have to face load shedding like the rest of the country.

When Eskom-supply areas face Stage 2 load shedding, areas supplied directly by the City will experience the less severe Stage 1 because of additional supply from the Steenbras pump storage scheme.

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Be aware that Eskom's load-shedding schedule and the City of Cape Town's schedule may differ. At times, the City will only implement stage 1 or not implement at all if it has additional capacity when Eskom is, inf act, at stage 2.

Residents can check the load shedding status depending on their location on the area map here.

Once you have your area number, click it below to confirm your status on CapeTalk's Loadshedding Pages:

Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

Area 5

Area 6

Area 7

Area 8

Area 9

Area 10

Area 11

Area 12

Area 13

Area 14

Area 15

Area 16

If you are unsure of your area, have a look at EWN's Cape Town loadshedding map.

Eskom customers can also type in their area on the Eskom website for their schedule.

Neighbourhoods are demarcated using numbers 1 to 16 on the area map.

The area number listed on the City of Cape Town website will determine what time the power is due to go off on the loadshedding schedule.

Residents are advised to switch off and unplug all electronics and appliances ahead of scheduled load shedding.

If your electricity remains off for longer than the scheduled period, SMS the City’s technical centre on 31220.

Visit The City of Cape Town for more.

NOTE: Capetonians can check if and when they will be affected from the Eskom website and the City of Cape Town website.

The increased traffic to the sites may prevent you from connecting so we have posted a copy of the City of Cape Town schedules to help.

This article has been updated.

7 December 2018 1:04 PM
Cape Town
Load shedding
CapeTalk load shedding doc