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[VIDEO] Man shot outside Mpumalanga high school after attacking police

7 March 2019 11:43 PM
A video filmed from inside the school building captures a man throwing bricks at the school and the police, before being shot.

A video filmed at the Mmametlhake High School in Mpumalanga has gone viral on social media.

It appears to have been filmed from an upstairs window inside the school building captures a man throwing bricks at the school and the police before being shot.

The Mpumalanga education department spokesperson reportedly told Times Live that the man was a former pupil who is believed to have come to the school to see the principal. The date of the incident has not been released.

He can be seen in the video throwing bricks at the school windows.

When police vans arrive, the man attacks the police vehicle with bricks. After swerving the vans around the grounds, the police officers alight from the van and the man comes straight at the officer with a large brick, before the officer shoots him in the leg.

A police officer can be seen kicking the injured man while he is lying on the ground.

Social media users have reacted strongly. Some are lauding police saying their actions were justified, while others feel the force used was disproportionate.

Please be warned: the video below contains graphic images – Not for sensitive viewers

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7 March 2019 11:43 PM

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