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Battling with acne: Here’s 7 tips to help you ‘Axe the Acne’ for good

27 March 2019 12:04 PM
skin renewal institute
Need help getting rid of acne and the scars that it leaves behind? Read this.

Whether you’re a teenager with raging hormones or a frustrated adult plagued by a condition you feel you should’ve left in the past, living with acne is always difficult. Not only does it affect the way we look and feel, it is also uncomfortable and sensitive.

But, there’s hope… with a combination of topical treatments, lifestyle changes and internal assessments it can be successfully treated.

So, what exactly is acne and why do I have it?

Acne is characterized by the formation of blackheads, pimples, cysts, and in severe cases, abscesses. These lesions form when pores become blocked and oil gets trapped along with dead skin and bacteria within the hair follicles causing inflammation.

It is often indicative of an underlying problem. If your skin flares up with acne, it’s an alarm bell that there’s something to be addressed within your system. So, getting to the bottom of the causes would probably be your first step in trying to treat the condition.

Here’s 7 Skin Renewal tips to help you ‘Axe the Acne’ for good:

The right topical treatment can make all the difference but there are also lifestyle choices that can assist with speeding up your results and maintaining them.

1. Never leave the house without sunscreen

Wear sunscreen every time you set foot outside. Overexposure to the sun can worsen acne and cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) of inflamed lesions.

2. Only use hypoallergenic, breathable cosmetics

Use cosmetics sparingly. Be sure to regularly clean your makeup brushes and sponges and, to use dermatologist-tested wipes to remove makeup.

3. Don't scrub your face

Avoid scrubbing inflamed skin. This will worsen acne by causing inflammation and spreading the bacteria from pustules to other non-infected pores.

4. Avoid picking at pimples

Resist the urge to squeeze, scratch or pick at acne lesions. Let them drain when they are ready. Causing trauma to the skin will result in potential scarring and worsening of the condition as infection spreads.

5. Cut out trigger foods

Eliminate foods high in fat, hormones and iodine.

6. Watch what you eat

Avoid processed foods. Rather opt for a diet consisting of whole, natural and raw foods.

7. Drink enough water

Drink adequate liquids. Pure water and antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory green tea are especially good for you as they help to flush your system and keep your skin hydrated.

Need expert advice from a professional? Visit Skin Renewal on for more information.

27 March 2019 12:04 PM
skin renewal institute

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