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Afrika Vuka - 'The time for climate action in Africa is now.'

28 April 2019 2:58 PM

Africa Day has also been declared Afrika Vuka Day to unite people across the continent in action on climate change.

Climate action protests and a slew of natural disasters - the focus in the last few weeks has very much been on the effects of climate change around the world, but especially in Africa.

Two cyclones within the space of five weeks have slammed into Africa's east coast, leaving devastation in their wake, with Mozambique the worst affected.

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And South Africa is still counting the cost of the havoc wreaked by floods and mudslides in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape last week.

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Africa Melane speaks to Glen Tyler, South African team leader of climate advocacy group, about the implications of the increased frequency of natural disasters and the continent's lack of preparedness.

One of the fundamental injustices at the heart of climate change is that the people who have probably done the least to contribute to global warming in the world are finding themselves most at risk to the impacts of climate change.

Glen Tyler, SA team leader -

While in America they have probably bigger budgets for disaster response, it's just not the case all over Africa.

Glen Tyler, SA team leader -

We're seeing these impacts happening increasingly in Africa and we just don't have the resources to deal with them.

Glen Tyler, SA team leader -

Tyler says not enough is being done by African leaders to take action in response to climate change.

He notes that in South Africa during electioneering for instance, the topic has been largely absent from political parties' agendas.

We haven't seen political parties take really bold steps and come out with really bold vision to stop our contribution, which is quite unbalanced in that southern and southern African region - South Africa does contribute a lot to climate change, a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.

Glen Tyler, SA team leader -

We need to be leading the way in transitioning away from carbon-intensive industries, from the burning of fossil fuels, and we're not seeing that.

Glen Tyler, SA team leader -

Afrika Vuka, a platform promoting the fossil-free movement, has decided to dub Africa Day, Afrika Vuka Day.

On the 25th of May, it aims to unite people across the continent in taking action on climate change.

We already have 60 events across the continent. We're wanting people to hold their leaders to account.

Glen Tyler, SA team leader -

Afrika Vuka is encouraging people to also create events within their own communities.

To find out how you can participate, go to

For more, click on the link below:

28 April 2019 2:58 PM