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There's an unseasonal cockroach infestation in Cape Town - expert

12 June 2019 6:58 AM
Sebastian Seelig of Pest Free SA explains why Capetonians are reporting the emergence of cockroach nymphs as early as June.

There has been an un-seasonal emergence of cockroach nymphs (and a lot of them!) in parts of Cape Town.

Sebastian Seelig of Pest Free SA chats to John Maytham and explains why.

We see it on a daily basis and the reports, bookings, and callouts definitely have lent itself to quite an early increase in the season.

Sebastian Seelig, Managing director - Pest Free SA

It is a seasonal change. The epidemic that we discussed in October, opened people's eye to these bush roaches as many had been unaware what they were, and as soon as they found out they had their houses treated. But it was a bit too late because the females had laid the pods which each contain about 40 to 50 babies that will hatch - and this is where the babies or nymphs are coming from.

Sebastian Seelig, Managing director - Pest Free SA

So even though the adults were killed off in October, now the nymphs are approaching maturity and are ready to breed, he explains.

Seeling says this usually starts in August but now it is starting as early as June.

His advice?

Nail them now before they can breed.

Sebastian Seelig, Managing director - Pest Free SA

Read: Thirsty cockroaches in search of water during WC drought

The drought did increase the cockroach infestation as they searched for water.

Sebastian Seelig, Managing director - Pest Free SA

When there is an epidemic he says a discount rate is offered.

DIY is touch and go, he adds.

It is not so much about what you use, but how and when you sue it...studying the life cycles of ...otherwise you are treating the symptoms and not the cause.

Sebastian Seelig, Managing director - Pest Free SA

Take a listen to the interview below:

12 June 2019 6:58 AM

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