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Nine-year-old Cape Town boy scoops top recycling award

12 June 2019 3:27 PM
Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler reports back from the 2019 Petco Awards held in Johannesburg recently.

The Western Cape has come up trumps at the 2019 Petco Awards.

The awards recognise leadership and future-thinking across the PET industry and beyond in addressing recycling, reuse and waste minimisation.

PET is short for Polyethylene Terephthalate - the main type of plastic used in making things like soft drink bottles, punnets, food tubs and personal care and pharmaceutical products.

Petco supports recyclers with community programmes, educational material and awareness programmes on recycling.

Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler was at the awards ceremony in Johannesburg.

Recycled PET makes all sorts of things - car carpets and linings, duvet and pillow inners, clothing fabric, and, of course, new bottles another plastic packaging. All the award winners share a common vision and goal - to do what they can to keep as many PET bottles out of the environment - the streets, the rivers, our oceans and our landfills.

Wendy Knowler, Consumer journalist

One of the winners was nine-year-old Rocco da Silva from Cape Town.

He was named a joint winner of the Waste Reduction Youth Warrior Award, recognising how he formed the Future Kids club to raise awareness among kids about plastic pollution.

Rocco organises a beach clean-up at the Strand every month.

Support for the beach cleanups has grown quite a bit over the past year. More people are coming which is quite nice to see!

Rocco da Silva, Petco Award winner

We've done 14 cleanups so far, which is over 950kg of waste collected.

Rocco da Silva, Petco Award winner

Other winners included Jocelyn van der Ross of Green Spot Recycling in Franschhoek, who was named the Top Woman in Recycling and the Drakenstein Municipality who were recognised as running the best local authority recycling initiative.

Listen to the full interview below:

12 June 2019 3:27 PM

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