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[VIDEOS] Amazon rainforest 'lungs of the world' burning at record rate

22 August 2019 6:43 AM
Amazon rainforest
Amazon fire
The National Institute for Space Research says the fires are the worst since it began tracking them in 2013.

Amazon rainforest 'lungs of the world' burning at a record rate, says the National Institute for Space Research since it began tracking them in 2013.

Environmental groups are pointing fingers at Brazil's far-right president Jair Bolsonaro for relaxing environmental controls and with policies that favour development over conservation and actively encouraging deforestation.

The fires can be seen from space...

The sky above Sao Paulo turned dark from smoke thousands of kilometres away...

Actress Lesley-Ann Brandt shared 9 things you can do to help.

Listen to this and other trending stories with Barbara Friedman on Barbs Wire below:

22 August 2019 6:43 AM
Amazon rainforest
Amazon fire

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