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[LISTEN] #TheMoneyShow WEF Africa special broadcast

5 September 2019 8:49 PM
Africa business
africa business focus
World Economic Forum in Africa 2019
Bruce Whitfield chats to various stakeholders attending the World Economic Forum on Africa on what has come out of the conference.

Partner and Africa region government and public sector leader at Ey Sandile Hlophe says citizen activism is increasing significantly, especially with advent of social media which means people are able to express their frustrations very quickly and want to see progress.

Hlope is part of the many stakeholders attending the World Economic Forum on Africa, along with members of various sectors - chief executive of corporate and investment banking at Standard Bank Kenny Fihla, managing director of emerging markets for Africa at Deloitte Dr Martyn Davies and head of capital markets research at Intellidex Peter Attard Montalto.

They joined Bruce Whitfield for a special broadcast from Cape Town.

Hlope shares some of what has come out of the conference so far.

We were tasked with answering the question, how can we drive inclusive growth through innovation and I think at the end the tables came up with 59 different ideas.

Sandile Hlophe

The challenge that was put forward by the facilitator is that we need to think about changes we can implement today. Not things you are going to try and lift and change. One of the big ones was around visas.

Speaking Davies says the mass protests over the last few days prove that the country needs focus and action.

We have moved from arguably structural decline to drift and what I am hearing at the forum and seeing externally in the protests, is we are tried of drift, we need action, leadership, direction and a strong state.

Dr Martyn Davies

Click on the link below to hear from the rest of the panel...

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This article first appeared on 702 : [LISTEN] #TheMoneyShow WEF Africa special broadcast

5 September 2019 8:49 PM
Africa business
africa business focus
World Economic Forum in Africa 2019

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