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CoCT confirms gluten WAS found in goods labelled gluten-free by local bakery

11 September 2019 4:15 PM
Freedom Bakery
Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler joins Lunch with Pippa Hudson to answer your consumer rights related questions.

Each week consumer journalist Wendy Knowler joins Lunch with Pippa Hudson to answer your consumer rights related questions.

Remember the case of Freedom Bakery in Cape Town?

The firm got into hot water over its claims that its products were gluten-free, when numerous tests had proved this not to be the case.

Over the years the owner of Freedom Bakery remained unrepentant, insisting she was not using any glutenous products in her baking, and suggesting there was a personal vendetta against her.

On Wednesday, after having battled for several years to get city health officials to follow up, Knowler provided an update for listeners.

The official statement from the city reads as follows:

“The results indicated that gluten WAS present in the products sent for sampling. The City’s Environmental Health Department is dealing with the labelling infringement, in that the source is not identified on the labels. In order to address this, a notice will be served on the owner of the establishment.”

Gluten is one of the allergens which must, by law, be declared on the label of all products containing it. Freedom Bakery no longer makes a “gluten-free” claim on its baked goods, but the ingredients listed on its products, such as coconut flour, are gluten-free.

Wendy Knowler, Consumer journalist

When asked if they contain gluten, bakery staff members say they do not, Carte Blanche producers caught this on camera, you may recall

Wendy Knowler, Consumer journalist

Knowler says she is waiting for feedback from the city as to the steps it will take against the bakery.

Listen to the full Consumer Talk by clicking below:

11 September 2019 4:15 PM
Freedom Bakery

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