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Hartenbos farmers worst-hit by drought crisis, says Mossel Bay deputy mayor

5 November 2019 11:31 AM
Mossel Bay municipality will implement water restrictions soon. Farmers who rely on the empty Hartebeestkuil Dam are struggling.

The Mossel Bay municipality has warned that the drought is worsening for farmers in the Hartenbos region.

While dams supplying water to the City of Cape Town have increased to 84.5%., the water situation for Mossel Bay farmers is a cause for concern.

Drought-stricken areas like Mossel Bay, the Karoo and upper West Coast continue to struggle, despite recent rainfall in some parts of the province.

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Mossel Bay's deputy mayor Alderman Dirk Kotzé says the drought is hitting farmers in the Hartenbos region the hardest.

Residents in the central town are relying on water supplied from the Wolwedans dam and their desalination plant, Kotzé explains.

Meanwhile, the farming community further out has been depending on the Hartebeestkuil Dam which is effectively dry, with about 3% of its water left.

Kotzé says the municipality has been helping to provide water to the farmers for household use.

However, water for agricultural purposes remains a problem.

The municipality will most likely implement water restrictions from next week as the dam levels for Wolwedans dam are set to dip below 50%.

The problem really is in the Hartebeestkuil area.

Dirk Kotzé, Executive deputy mayor - Mossel Bay

The Hartebeestkuil Dam out of which that farming community draws water and uses water downstream... There's basically no water. They've got severe problems in that area.

Dirk Kotzé, Executive deputy mayor - Mossel Bay

We need more rain... For the farmers especially, it's a crisis.

Dirk Kotzé, Executive deputy mayor - Mossel Bay

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5 November 2019 11:31 AM