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'You’ve lifted a nation, you’ve lifted us up' - author of Springboks poem speaks

11 November 2019 10:22 AM
bomb squad
Bok squad
Steve Hall
Steve Hall penned his thoughts while watching SA's World Cup victory. He read and posted his touching poem at the final whistle.

South African Steve Hall is the man behind the widely-shared poem inspired by the Springbok's World Cup win.

He penned the poem last week while watching the Rugby World Cup final where the Boks beat England 32-12.

Hall says the Springbok's victory opened the floodgates for an overwhelming sense of positivity in Mzansi.

I think after that first scrum we kind of thought there's something special that's about to happen here.

Steve Hall, Springbok fan and poet

To take my own emotions off the game, I started to pen down my thoughts and it emerged into a poem that I was able to read at the final whistle to my sons, cousins and a few friends that gathered to support the Boks.

Steve Hall, Springbok fan and poet

It was an overwhelming sense of positivity.

Steve Hall, Springbok fan and poet

The Springboks are in Cape Town on the final leg of their victory tour, an expedition Hall describes as "a moment of unbelievable nation-building".

The author says he hopes South Africans can capitalise on the positive emotions spurred on by the squad's triumph.

'Listen to Steven Hall in conversation with Melanie Rice:

Below is the full transcript of his poem:


It’s been twelve long years and that’s a long wait

And for most of those years we’ve been in a bad state
A state of corruption and dark nights without power
And short splashes of water when taking a shower.

But despite all this, the energy’s been rising
Maybe, just maybe, there’d be something surprising
A world cup final to roll back the years
And images of Madiba which still bring us to tears.

From Peterhouse to Grey, social media’s alive
As they’ve urged our Springboks to keep up their drive
Messages from Rassie – Thanks for all your support
This brave Rugby team’s so much more than just sport.

You see they’ve shown us as a country, how to Unite
Their love for each other’s a remarkable sight
The Ndlovu choir has sung with elation
With each spirited tweet we could rebuild our Nation.

Fifty-Seven million sang from the depths of their hearts
And our fifteen fine men had the purest of starts
With fleet footed attacks and four Pollard kicks
The half time scoreboard read twelve points to six!

Perhaps our whole country was praying to God
And perhaps God was listening, coz’ on came the Bomb Squad
Our front row had smashed them in all but one scrum
The English would rather be at home with their Mum!

As the clock ticked down we carried on praying
And our boys dug deep in their passionate playing
A chip from Mapimpi and Am’s moment of magic
And a second Brexit looked ever so tragic!

Then suddenly a moment we were all waiting for
Our X Factor Cheslin unpicked a locked door
The mercurial player seemed to make his own spaces
As he put smiles on the dials of a whole Nations faces.

For twelve years our Rugby glory’s been starved
But with three minutes to go, the trophy was carved
We stand by you Heroes as you bring home the cup
You’ve lifted a Nation and you’ve lifted us up.
Eish, Zuma, Sorry, you’ve not lifted this prize
But you’ve lifted enough before our own eyes
This country’s amazing – it tells a hell of a story
And perhaps now is the time we find our true glory.

From Alex to Zwide we’ll dance in the street
The Braai’s will burn long as we drink and we eat
You’ve shown us the art of pure dragon slaying
I don’t know about you, but # I’m staying!

You’ve done us so proud with your hearts full of passion
Can we help you Cyril, bring SA back into fashion?
For so long now we’ve been at the end of our tether
But one thing’s for sure we’re # Stronger Together!

​​​​​​© Steve Hall

11 November 2019 10:22 AM
bomb squad
Bok squad
Steve Hall

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