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My experiences at Stellenbosch in the 90's #Luister

27 August 2015 4:10 PM
Neo Letumo shares her experiences as the only black female in her faculty (in the 90's) at Stellenbosch University.

An online documentary titled Luister, about the lives of students of colour who attend Stellenbosch University, has stirred reactions about transformation.

In a series of interviews, students recount instances of racial prejudice that they continue to experience in the town of Stellenbosch.

The use of Afrikaans as a language of teaching at the university is one of the challenges that were highlighted in the documentary.

[Watch] Luister below:

Since its release, the documentary has received a lot of mixed reactions from those who have seen it including Neo Letuma who recently wrote a blog piece about her experience there during the late 90s.

Africa Melane standing in for John Maytham spoke to Neo Letuma about her experiences at Stellenbosch.

Neo told Africa Melane that at the time she was the only black female in the Engineering Faculty.

It was a shock when I walked in to discover that it was not just the department but the whole faculty, I was the only black student there and also a female in the men’s world

Neo Letuma

Listen to the full conversation below:

27 August 2015 4:10 PM