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Update: Cape Cobra takes a dip in the ocean

11 November 2014 9:47 AM

Updated: Photographer describes snake encounter on beach

Update: Kieno speaks to photographer of the photos

While many people have been sharing the image of a Cape Cobra on Hout Bay beach, the man who actually took the photographs spoke to Kieno Kammies about the experience.

Jeffery Rinks is a clinical psychologist based in Hout Bay, and he was out on a walk with his family and their dog, when another beach-goer warned them to put their dog onto a leash due to a snake further up.

He says he spent over an hour in close proximity to the snake, and a video of that encounter will soon be released as well.

Rinks says his other battle now is getting the credit for the photos, as many people have been credited in error.

Actress and athlete Vanessa Haywood posted two… unusual pictures on Twitter that show what seems to be a cobra on Hout Bay beach. It even went into the water. Why would a snake, an unusually shy animal, do this?

Shaun MacLeod is a snake expert and reptile education expert. He points out that snakes often go into water to help them shed their skin, as the process is scratchy and makes them irritable. This is not usually the case for salt water, however. The snake might just have been trying to get away from the photographer.

Snakes in the Pacific Islands region are known the travel from island to island, and not all of it on floating debris - so they're more at home in the water than you might think.

UPDATE: Now with audio.

11 November 2014 9:47 AM