2018 Cyclosportif #1

  1. Website: http://www.pedalpower.org.za/events/pedal-power-association-190/
  2. Venue: Windmeul Winery
  3. Email: rozanne@pedalpower.org.za
  4. Phone: (021) 671-6340
  5. Date: 28 January 2018, 06:30 AM — 11:30 AM

The Cyclosportif series for 2018 will consist of 6 events that will start at three different venues. Cyclosportif #1 and #4 will use the same venue/route; #2 and #5 will use the same route/venue, and #3 and #6 will use the same route/venue. Can you improve your time the second time you do a route? Come and find out! You are welcome to do only one, or all of the events.

This series will count towards your seeding for the Cape Town Cycle Tour.