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Are you looking for a someone with their head in the ‘cloud’?

Gender violence in the Spotlight

A resource to help listeners seeking help on who to contact if they are abused, raped and attacked.

Foreshore Freeway Project

Six proposals have been received by the City for the Foreshore freeway precinct.


Despite the recent storm, Cape dam levels remain critical at 23.1% with about 13% usable water. Find out more about saving water.

The Wine Feature

John Maytham’s Wines of the Week

Medical Miracles

Riveting stories about everyday South Africans and the innovative medical teams that have brought about miracles to help them.

Face to Face with Success

Inspiring podcasts of stories of achievement against the odds, and invaluable advice for anyone with their eye on the big prize.

Business Unusual

Innovation can save a business or destroy it. These are stories of the businesses that disrupt the industries they operate in.

Nedbank Business Accelerator with CapeTalk

We bring you the stories of entrepreneurs who build the businesses that South Africa needs.

Awareness Week

Guardian Connect from Medtronic Diabetes – take glucose control back into your hands. Guardian Connect. Know more, guess less.