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World Cup tech elevated and will we speak less to one another in future?

11 June 2018 12:32 PM

Tech Guru Aki Anastasiou look at SA’s first R1 billion smart factory and how technology will be used at this years’ World Cup.

A technology company, Yekani, officially launched a R1 billion smart factory in East London's Industrial Development Zone (IDZ).

The facility is aimed at pushing the limits of technology innovation and is an investment that is estimated to create approximately 1 000 jobs.

Yekani will be manufacturing smart phones, tablets and computers, with the first batch rolling out later this year.

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From what I saw, I was very impressed by the quality. They told me it is the biggest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and the only one of its kind on the African continent.

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

Check out their website here

Meanwhile, STATSports have signed a deal to provide its player monitoring devices to the elite teams of one of the world’s greatest footballing nations.

The world leading technology will be worn by Brazil during this year's World Cup in Russia together with other nations including world champion’s Germany, European champions, Portugal, Belgium, England, Poland, Denmark and Morocco, among others.

The device worn by players measures and analyses physical attributes of players.

It can provide feedback on many metrics such as distance covered, speed, acceleration and even insights on player load as well as the level of fatigue and injury risk of the player.

Fifa has now approved of this device. Now the team analysts are allowed to transmit the data and communicate with the coaches during match. So the would know what his team is doing.

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

This technology has been there for two decades but it has improved dramatically. This year we are going to see it on the next level...

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

According to new data from measurement company Zenith, people around the world will spend more time online than they do watching TV.

In 2019, people are expected to spend an average of 170.6 minutes each day on online activities like watching videos on YouTube, sharing photos on Facebook and shopping on Amazon which will decrease the time they spend watching TV.

They are also saying we are going to talk less to people because of all these technologies ...

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

Click here to read more info about this data:

To hear the rest of the conversation on fascinating technologies, listen below:

11 June 2018 12:32 PM


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