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Finally, a security camera that can spot guns

1 October 2018 12:37 PM

Aki Anastasiou reviews the latest iPhone, speak about a smart air-conditioner and takes a look at a security cam that spots guns.

Tech guru Aki Anastasiou has been exploring Apple’ s new flagship device, the iPhone Xs Max. He says It is lightning fast, thanks to the new A12 bionic chip, which is up top 50% faster on most applications.

The battery is more efficient and the camera has improvements especially when shooting in portrait mode. The new iPhone gives you more control over the depth of your photo.

What about the cost?

Anastasiou suggests that you shop around for the best contract. Another option that the iStores have introduced is to separate the contract and the cost of the phone.

They have partnered with FNB who finance the cost of the phone over a period of 24 months at a fixed prime rate. On most contracts, it works out cheaper to do it this way and you still get to stay on your current network’s contract.

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To know more about Apple's newest offering click here

Are you one of those people who can never find the remote for your air-conditioned? The Sensibo gadget makes any air-conditioner a smart device.

Simply attach it to your home network and you can control your air conditioner remotely. You can even schedule it to go on and off at predetermined times. It even integrates into Alexa so you can control your cooling system using your voice.

To know more about these gadgets, visit their website

Athena Security has developed a camera system that uses artificial intelligence and cloud technology to spot guns and alert authorities.

The company says that because the system can recognize weapons and notify police quickly, casualties may be prevented in places where the system is implemented, such as schools or businesses. Once the system spots a gun in the vicinity, it uses the cloud to send that information to those that need it, whether that be a business owner or law enforcement.

It can also stream footage of the event in question through an app, giving police a real-time look at what's going on and where. Users also have the option of connecting the camera to other third-party security systems, allowing it to lock doors or stop elevators.

To find out more about Athena Security, click here

To listen to a full tech discussion between Eusebius McKaiser and Aki Anastasiou click below:

1 October 2018 12:37 PM


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