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How technology is changing the world of archaeology

22 October 2018 12:47 PM

This week Technobyte looks at how technology is changing archaeology, SA’s IoT network and Uber's on-demand staffing system.

SqwidNet launched in November 2016 as the licensed Sigfox operator in South Africa.

The SqwidNet network offers low-cost access to IoT solutions and operators in South Africa, creating opportunities for businesses small and large to create innovative solutions.

The SqwidNet network will give nationwide coverage for the Internet of Things allowing millions of sensors and devices to send small packets of data, for analysis, immediate action, and record keeping.

This device picks up temperature, light, movement and vibrations, and it doesn't use the traditional GSM network, which pretty much congested at the moment.

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

As soon as I put this device anywhere, with a battery life that runs for weeks and weeks, it will start sending me information every five minutes.

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

According to tech guru Aki Anastasiou, this device only cost about $10.

To know more about SqwidNet, click here

Archaeologists are using modern technology to rediscover the past.

They are now able to identify new archaeological sites and other potential locations of interest using deep learning techniques. Traditionally, a human would pour over data and make the determination for the location of a site. Deep learning makes this process much faster.

With the wide use of remote sensor data in archaeology, deep learning allows the archaeologist to use the machine for much of the grunt work humans previously did. With the image recognition abilities of machine learning, this means more time can be spent on verification than on identification.

To know more about this new breakthrough for archaeology click here

Uber is testing an on-demand staffing business called Uber Works, according to the Financial Times. The service would make it possible for businesses to hire short-term workers for things like “events and corporate functions, such as waiters or security guards,” the report says.

The company is trying out the service in Chicago after testing it in Los Angeles earlier this year.

While still in the early stages, the new business would likely not directly compete with more consumer-facing services like TaskRabbit. It’s also one of “several initiatives” that Uber’s “new modalities” division is exploring alongside things like electric scooters, and it might not turn into a full business, according to the report.

To know more of the innovation Uber is introducing click here

Listen to tech guru Aki Anastasiou speak about the latest exciting technologies below:

22 October 2018 12:47 PM


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