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Monday Motivation: Tribute to Bok legend, Chester Williams

Monday Motivation: Tribute to Bok legend, Chester Williams

South African legend and 1995 World Cup hero Chester Williams succumbed to a heart attack aged 49 on Friday 6 September 2019.

In tribute to the legend, Kfm Mornings replayed an interview they did with the icon.

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What's happening in the Courthouse? Theft and negligent driving (8:33)

19 September 2019 8:22 AM

Every week, Rameez Khan of Kfm Mornings makes his way to courthouses across Cape Town to hear their stories - and sometimes dole out some advice. This week he spent time at the Cape Town CBD Court.

In the latest episode of "What's happening in the Courthouse?", Rameez speaks with a woman whose brother has been convicted with attempted theft of a motorbike. His concerned sister explains that her brother had no intention of stealing the bike, he was merely caught sitting on it. She also feels that the court is not always right, conviction sometimes depends on how strong a case is. 

The second person Rameez speaks to is in court for alleged negligent driving charges. He shares that while he was in the car, he was not the one driving. He was intoxicated and cannot remember who was behind the wheel. 

Catch "What's Happening at the Courthouse" Wednesday's or Thursday's after 7.30am on Kfm Mornings.

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Listeners share their most coveted work-place perks (6:29)

18 September 2019 9:02 AM

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Kfm Mornings discuss a recent workplace wellness study (3:51)

18 September 2019 8:50 AM

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Wife of SA hostage in Libya: Shireen van Deventer (11:42)

17 September 2019 7:49 AM

Gerco van Deventer, South African born paramedic, husband and father of three is currently held hostage by unknown Libyan factions since 2017.

His kidnappers are demanding a massive ransom of $1.5 million, an estimated R23 million for his release.

Kfm Mornings spoke with his wife Shireen van Deventer.

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Monday Motivation: How to give birth to your dreams (4:9)

16 September 2019 8:22 AM

This week's Monday Motivation clip is by Bishop TD Jakes, a pastor, author and filmmaker. When life gets tough, he says, everyone has the ability to break through and achieve his or her dreams.

Get your Monday Motivation fix, every Monday on Kfm Mornings at 7.10am

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Survivor SA 2019 Winner - Rob Bentele (10:17)

13 September 2019 8:25 AM

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"We don't age in my family, we just drop dead", Nataniël le Roux (17:18)

12 September 2019 9:01 AM

Iconic singer, songwriter and storyteller Nataniël le Roux joined Kfm Mornings in the studio to chat about his career, family and his current show, "When Giants Waltz".

The witty entertainer who hails from Kuils River jokingly explained that he left Cape Town for Gauteng to make money. He's been in Pretoria for 25 years - "the city with the most oxygen."

"I've been hoarse now for 30 years because I went to Joburg one day"


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What's happening at the courthouse? Burglary and a Maintenance Charge (6:9)

12 September 2019 8:32 AM

Every week, Rameez Khan of Kfm Mornings makes his way to courthouses across Cape Town to hear their stories. This week, he spent time at Bellville and Wynberg Magistrate's Court.

There he met with a guy who is at court because his house was broken into. The perpetrator was found two houses away with his loot of copper piping and two laptops which he had stolen from neighbouring houses. It's the second time that the victim has been in court due to delays. The offender is currently in holding for another theft case. 

The second guy Rameez speaks to is at court for a maintenance charge. It's a complex story - initially, his estranged wife had sole custody and did not want financial help, but he voluntarily opted to contribute and so they agreed on a settlement. Now that they share joint custody, he feels that he shouldn't have to pay maintenance any more. 

Catch "What's Happening at the Courthouse" Wednesday or Thursday after 7.30am on Kfm Mornings!

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Kfm Mornings reveal their genealogy DNA results (19:29)

6 September 2019 7:57 AM

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