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The Eusebius McKaiser Show
The Best of the Eusebius McKaiser Show

The Best of the Eusebius McKaiser Show

Eusebius McKaiser's mid-morning show is an interactive platform for debate and discussion that allows listeners to unpack some of the issues of the day.

Is President Cyril Ramaphosa in control? (45:46)

17 September 2019 12:02 PM

The past few weeks have shon a spotlight on President Cyril Ramaphosa's leadership and have raised questions about who is really in charge of the State. Eusebius hosts political analyst, Karima Brown, and public law professor, Richard Calland, in a discussion around the state of the State. 

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The Rica judgement: Maintaining personal privacy versus national state security (46:10)

17 September 2019 11:00 AM

What does the recent court judgement on mass state surveillance, Rica, say about the need for the protection of South Africans' personal privacy? Eusebius speaks to Professor Jane Duncan, investigative reporter, Sam Sole and Privacy International's Dr Ilia Siatitsa about the implications of the Gauteng High Court's ruling. 

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#702Openline (40:17)

17 September 2019 10:28 AM

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Open Line (44:43)

17 September 2019 10:22 AM

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#702openline (40:7)

16 September 2019 10:09 AM

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Eusebius engages caller on whether mostly township men are toxic (4:32)

13 September 2019 1:16 PM

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The Total Shutdown Movement & other Civil Society groups protesting outside the JSE (45:58)

13 September 2019 11:04 AM

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Open Line (46:29)

13 September 2019 10:08 AM

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Is it inherently wrong to call a child to testify? (7:39)

12 September 2019 11:49 AM

Eusebius speaks to the Teddy Bear clinic's, Dr Shaheda Omar, about the necessity to call children as witnesses in criminal cases. 

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Will the NHI provide universal access to healthcare? (43:46)

12 September 2019 11:07 AM

Eusebius speaks to Russel Rensburg from the Rural Health Advocacy Project as well as Prof Di McIntyre from UCT about the aims and commitments of the National Health Insurance Bill and how it should tackle some of societies deepest inequalities, inequities and the rights to adequate basic health care.

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