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Lunch with Pippa Hudson
Athol Williams and Lacia Gest on gender-based violence

Athol Williams and Lacia Gest on gender-based violence

Recent incidents of gender-based violence moved author Athol Williams to write a poem entitled, Exhibition of Rapists. Pippa also hears from a member of SA Women Fight Back, Lacia Gest.

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Support the 2019 International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICCD) on Saturday (5:6)

19 September 2019 3:14 PM

Pippa speaks to Communications and Media Executive at Two Oceans
Aquarium, Renée Leeuwner.

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WWF supports World Rhino Day on 22 Sept (18:30)

19 September 2019 2:46 PM

Pippa speaks to Senior Manager for Wildlife Programmes at WWF South Africa, Dr. Jo Shaw, and Co-Producer of Stroop (film), Bonné de Bod.

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#StemCell donors save lives - recipients share their brave stories (13:26)

19 September 2019 2:30 PM

Pippa in conversation with survivors Wendy in Newlands and Gawie Marx.

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Sunflower Day 2019 #Iam…Hope #BeTheHope (23:59)

19 September 2019 2:22 PM

Pippa sits down with CEO at The Sunflower Fund, Alana James.

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Consumer Talk: What lies behind the food description? (36:41)

18 September 2019 3:21 PM

Discussing issues of food labeling with Pippa is consumer journalist Wendy Knowler 
 and a dietitian at FACTS (Food and Allergy Consulting and Testing
Services), Gaby Jackson.

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Car Talk: 2017/18 vehicle crime stats (11:46)

18 September 2019 2:16 PM

Pippa speaks to motoring journalist with, Ciro De Siena.

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On the Yellow Couch: “Can you see Me?” campaign aims to end human trafficking (16:53)

18 September 2019 1:36 PM

Sitting on the couch with Pippa is Rene Hanekom, SA hotline manager at A21

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Matie’s prize-winning edible straws help the environment (5:15)

17 September 2019 3:12 PM

Pippa is joined on the line by Chemical engineering student at Stellenbosch University, Leila Siljeur.

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Family Matters: Author Patrick Flanery on his journey with adoption (19:50)

17 September 2019 2:44 PM

Pippa speaks to author of The Ginger Child: On Family, Loss and Adoption, Patrick Flanery.

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Science & Tech: Global outbreaks of polio & measles due to vaccine misinformation? (17:40)

17 September 2019 2:12 PM

Pippa in conversation with Dr. Melinda Suchard, the Head Of Centre For Vaccines & Immunology at National Insitute For Communicable Diseases.

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