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The happy tail of Snoopy the puppy, and petcare in stormy weather

The happy tail of Snoopy the puppy, and petcare in stormy weather

26 June 2019 7:41 AM

Marcelle du Plessis, Fundraising and Communications Manager of Mdzananda Animal Clinic talks to Kieno about the heart warming story of 4 week old little pup, Snoopy, who was admitted suffering from hypothermia after being left outside in a storm. She also provides tips for pet owners as yet another storm approaches the Cape.

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The world of Advertising

2 June 2020 12:39 PM

Guest: Jonathan Cherry | Director at Cherryflava Media

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How the City of Cape Towns plans to boost its health resources

2 June 2020 11:52 AM

The City of Cape Towns health department says it is fast tracking its recruitment drive to
fill vacancies for health care professionals to respond effectively to the Covid-19 crisis.
Mayco Member for Community services and Health, Zahid Badrodien says that the city
has positions available for doctors, nurses, clinic managers, pharmacists and pharmacy
assistants, among others. To date, the department has recruited 22 staff members but urgently needs more applications before the deadline for these positions closes on Friday.

Kieno joined me now for a general Covid-19 update from a City health perspective, and to
tell us more about this very urgent recruitment drive is Councillor Zahid Badrodien.

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The impact of lock down levels and bureaucratic red tape threatens survival of small businesses

2 June 2020 11:34 AM

With the economy slowly returning to normal under lockdown level 3, the victims will
remain small and medium size businesses struggling to get back on their feet. Small business owners say that they are tied up in so much bureaucratic red tape that the impact on them,and especially those businesses who rely on exports,might not be able to recover.

Kieno joined by small business owner Elbeth Gillis

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Re-Inventing our economic future as Africans and shedding our victim mentality

2 June 2020 10:44 AM

Africa has the potential to become the worlds biggest Super Power, if we stop being our
own worst enemy. After the Rwandan genocide, Kigali decided to learn from that tragic time and reimagine and re-invent society, to create what is today a great example of what is possible if you have progressive political leaders who craft progressive economic policies in order to grow their country.

Kieno joined by International Keynote speaker and author Nicky Verd

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Neighbourhood Watches and CPF's allowed to operate under level 3

2 June 2020 10:21 AM

We are day 2 into lockdown level 3 and its official that neighbourhood watches and
CPF's can now start operating again With alcohol now being for sale, residents in crime ridden communities are bracing for the worst. Neighbourhood watches play a crucial and strategic role in safe guarding our communities throughout the city.

To talk to us in more detail Kieno joined by Western Cape Community Safety MEC Albert

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COVID-19 Update

2 June 2020 10:16 AM

374 thousand have died of Covid-19 globally. In South Africa reaches almost 34.5 thousand infections, 22 more deaths recorded in the past day, all in the Western Cape,
bringing the total to 705. over 17,000 have recovered.

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Barbs Wire - Marching bad social distancing arrives at a bottle store

2 June 2020 10:15 AM

A look at stories which have been trending with Barbara Friedman.

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Socila Enterpreneur and owner of Growbox veggie boxes

1 June 2020 11:57 AM

Renshia Manuel Social Entrepreneur and owner of Growbox, shares her inspiring story from an unemployed mom of 4 with no income to owner of her own business.

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Does this pandemic teach moderation?

1 June 2020 11:50 AM

Kieno speaks to Certified financial planner Paul Roelofs

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