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EUSA: "Teachers arm up!"

EUSA: "Teachers arm up!"

12 June 2019 9:39 PM

Guest : Siphiwe Mpungose | General Secretary at Educator's Union of South Africa |

The Educators Union of South Africa said on Wednesday government was forcing
teachers to arm themselves as it failed to guarantee their safety at schools.
The teacher’s union was reacting to the killing of an educator at the Masuku Primary
School in KwaZulu-Natal on Tuesday.
General secretary Siphiwe Mpungose said teachers don't want to advocate violence but
were left with no other choice.
“We are saying enough is enough; if they have to protect themselves, let it be. The
teacher who was gunned down yesterday was shot at and tried to run. If he had a gun,
he was going to shoot at them, and they were going to run away.”
But the department said if teachers armed themselves, violence in schools would only
Spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga said: “It is important that parents took responsibility for
their own children and talk to them and raise them up properly. Violence is not the way
of resolving conflict; if there is an issue, talk about it and rather agree to disagree
because if one of you dies, then the other goes to jail. That doesn’t resolve anything.”
Meanwhile, Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi said on Tuesday he was shocked
that 13 pupils are awaiting court appearances for various crimes in the province.
Lesufi said the department was looking at amending their rules in order to take the
appropriate action against those who are charged by the National Prosecuting Authority
Lesufi was speaking at the memorial service for murdered 16-year-old Daniel Bakwela
on Tuesday.
Bakwela was fatally stabbed by a fellow pupil at Forest High and was facing an armed
robbery charge.
The MEC said it was unacceptable that so many school pupils were facing serious
criminal charges.
He said they were mapping out a plan to deal with unruly pupils.
“So, we are now moving with amendments in terms of learner discipline to include
regulations that force all learners who appear in court to declare to the department if
they are appearing in court so that the department can take appropriate steps against
Lesufi said those who failed to declare their ongoing cases will be disciplined.
“If you appear in court and you don’t declare to the department, it must be an offence
and we must institute a disciplinary hearing against you.”
He added the education sector needed help to deal with these issues before they
became a crisis.

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Guest : Kerry Mauchline | Spokesperson for Education MEC Debbie Schäfer|

The Council of Education Ministers has made amendments to some grades returning to school.
Minister of the Department of Basic Education Angie Motshekga held a meeting with stakeholders on Thursday and announced that  "After careful consideration of all the reports CEM took a decision that only Grade 6, Grade 11 and Grade R will return to school on Monday, 06th July 2020," the council said in a statement. 
Other grades will be phased during the month of July. 

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Food Flow is a new initiative pioneered during this crisis in Cape Town – with donations they buy produce from small-scale farmers who would usually supply the restaurant business – to make up essential vegetable boxes to distribute to communities facing food insecurity.
Thus, protecting the supply chain for the future, keeping small farmers afloat – Food Flow shifts the flow of produce coming from farms to those most vulnerable. 
FoodFlow then matches the farmer with a community organization in their vicinity who distributes harvest bags or cooks a meal for their beneficiaries. FoodFlow works to sustain food livelihoods, enabling farmers to continue sustaining their business despite the loss of restaurant, hotel and market clients and ensures fresh nutritious food keeps flowing to those who are most impacted by food insecurity

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1 July 2020 9:26 PM

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              Liyema Saliwa

Today,  Equal Education held an online Children’s Conference, bringing together learner members of Equal Education (Equalisers) and education officials from various provinces, to discuss how to address the challenges faced by learners during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the realisation of a Charter for the Equal Education organization. 

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Athlone school starts crowd-funding campaign 'Save Sunnyside Primary'

1 July 2020 9:04 PM

Guest : Chantal  Bredenkamp | Grade 3 teacher  at Sunnyside Primary School

The last few months have been tough on the education sector. 
Schools were one of the first institutions to shut down even before the nationwide lockdown was announced and soon all classes turned digital. 
As the economic repercussions of lockdown led to job losses and pay cuts, many parents found themselves battling to pay school fees. 
The effects have been dire. But one school refuses to go down without a fight. 

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Mars 2020 launch slips again

1 July 2020 8:49 PM

Guest : Dr Pieter Kotze | Head at Geomagnetism Group At Hermanus

The launch of NASA’s next Mars rover mission has been delayed to no earlier than July 30 because of a launch vehicle processing issue, the latest in a series of slips that have now used up nearly half of the available launch opportunities for the mission.
NASA announced June 30 that the mission, previously scheduled to launch July 22, would be delayed to investigate “off-nominal” data from a liquid oxygen sensor line during a wet dress rehearsal of the mission’s Atlas 5 launch vehicle June 22 at Cape Canaveral, Florida - according to 

The mission was originally scheduled to launch July 17, the beginning of its launch period, but has slipped three times. None of the slips have had to do with issues with the Mars 2020 spacecraft itself - NASA announced. 

The Mars 2020 project (carrying a rover named Perseverance) will land on Mars on Feb. 18, 2021, regardless of what day it launches during the current launch period. The rover will land in Jezero Crater on Mars for mission designed to last at least one Martian year, or 687 Earth days. Perseverance’s instruments will reportedly look for signs of past life on Mars, but the mission’s biggest purpose is to cache samples of Martian rock for later return to Earth.

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