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Tonight with Lester Kiewit
#BeautifulNews Winner

#BeautifulNews Winner

Guest : Marilyn May

Marilyn May read the headlines – yet another infant abandoned. This is the fate of
thousands of babies every year in South Africa. In many cases, they’re born to mothers
who are in vulnerable positions themselves, and out of fear, shame, or confusion,
choose to leave their children. It’s a growing crisis that requires intervention on multiple
levels. The severity of the situation, coupled with the laborious foster and adoption
system, can leave anyone feeling helpless. But when May kept hearing about it in the
news, the registered nurse and doula yearned to help.
May became a trained safety mother – someone who has been screened by the
Department of Social Development to provide immediate temporary care for children
who’ve been found or rescued. She took in her first baby nine years ago.
In the past decade, she’s turned her home into a cosy haven filled with bassinets and
blankets, nurturing and attention. Dedicated carers work alongside May. Newborns
especially need a lot more than food and shelter. By having someone to hold their hand
and cradle them, they learn to bond and attach from an early age. Over 100 babies have
since gone to permanent homes through May’s organisation, Atlantic Hope.

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Susana Kennedy (46:20)

15 September 2019 10:57 PM

Guest : Susana Kennedy

Susana Kennedy is a South African actress, director, model and photographer best
known for her role as Constance in the SABC3 drama series For Sale, in 2007.
In television, Susana has acted in the SABC3 dramedy series For Sale and One Way, both
of which aired on the channel in 2007. Also in 2007, she acted in Diamonds, an
international mini-series, playing the part of Jessica, the party girl, opposite James
She also acted in two music videos: for Heinz Winckler (Thanks You!), in which she
played his love interest; and for Ayo (Help is Coming), playing her mother, a heroine
addict who is too wrapped up in her addiction to care for her only daughter.
In theatre, Susana has performed on stage since a young age. In 2004 she co-wrote a
show called Oh Boy! with Genna Luis and Richard Loring, featuring boy band Hi-5, and
performed in it at The Sound Stage Theatre in Johannesburg for a nine-month run.
Susanna recently attended a workshop by International Speaker & Mind Power Expert
Robin Banks in Singapore & joins us tonight for a new regular Sunday slot.

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Sunday Football Wrap with Akhona & Sizwe (28:34)

15 September 2019 9:57 PM

Guests : Ahkhona

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Stop COCT vs Council (11:43)

15 September 2019 9:30 PM

Guest : Sandra Dickson

Activist group Stop City of Cape Town is planning to take the City to court over
electricity tariffs.
Earlier this year, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa gave the City the green
light to increase electricity tariffs to R1,52 a unit.
The group’s founder Sandra Dickson said the city was charging an additional 24 cents
unlike other municipalities.
‘We found that most metro municipalities implemented the approved tariffs by Nersa,
whereas the city added more across all the blocks.”
The City’s Kadri Nassiep said there was nothing illegal or irregular about the electricity
He said the additional 24 cents is used, in part, to power street lights. He maintained the
city did not generate any profit from the tariffs.
Dickson said the group is seeking advice from various legal entities before heading to

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Anti Xenphobia and Anti GBV Music (14:28)

12 September 2019 10:03 PM

Guest : Sylvestre Kabassidi
             Tremaine Barnes

Whether he’s singing in French, English, Spanish or Lari and Lingala (local languages
from his homeland of the Congo Republic), Sylvestre is raising issues and making
people more conscious of the world around them. Tonight Sylvester will be playing us
his new song that was inspired by the latest outbreak of Xenophobic violence
Also Joining us later is Tremaine Barnes, a women's rights activist from Kimberley, Also
known as the Kaalvoet Prinses her song 41,000 Sisters from the forthcoming album,
State of the Nation is inspired from the battles that women in South Africa face every

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12 September 2019 9:48 PM

Guest : Charles Maisel

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Tech Talk with Nazareen (7:57)

12 September 2019 9:35 PM

Guest : Nazareen Ebrahim | CEO of Socially Acceptable 

Side effects of social media

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Hiking with Tim Lundy (20:21)

12 September 2019 9:12 PM

Guest : Tim Lundy 
             Joshua Weiss
             Alex Weiss

Forge walking app
Rescue recap
Safety recap

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2019 Crime Stats (10:58)

12 September 2019 8:43 PM

Guest : Eldred De Klerk | Senior Policing and Community Conflict Specialist at Africa
Centre for Security and Intelligence Praxis |

Three of the country's policing precincts which recorded the most murders this financial
year are in Cape Town.
If the figures are anything to go by, Nyanga, Delft and Khayelitsha can be considered the
most dangerous areas in the country.
Nyanga detectives investigated 289 murder cases between April 2018 and March this
year; 19 fewer murders were recorded compared to the previous financial year.
In Delft, 247 people were murdered. That's 52 more than in 2018.
Khayelitsha recorded 221 murders; in the previous financial year, detectives in the area
investigated 192 murder cases.
The Philippi East police station is ranked fourth of the top 30 stations where the most
murders were reported.
Other Cape Town stations where more than 140 killings were probed include Harare,
Gugulethu, Mitchells Plain, Kraaifontein, Bishop Lavis and Mfuleni.
Most murders of the more than 21,000 killings were committed over weekends.
Cash-in-transit heists were down by just over 23%.
The number of drug crimes had also dropped.

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#BeautifulNews (9:13)

11 September 2019 10:11 PM

Guest : Nduny Funda

The year was 1989. South Africa was in the throes of apartheid. Women in townships
were the most oppressed on account of their gender, race, and class. Subjected to
atrocities at the hands of men, they had nowhere to turn. When Mandisa Monakali’s
husband assaulted her, there were no crisis centres nearby, counsellors who spoke her
language, or anyone to stand up for her.
The year was 1989. South Africa was in the throes of apartheid. Women in townships
were the most oppressed on account of their gender, race, and class. Subjected to
atrocities at the hands of men, they had nowhere to turn. When Mandisa Monakali’s
husband assaulted her, there were no crisis centres nearby, counsellors who spoke her
language, or anyone to stand up for her.

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Food and Trees for Africa (7:55)

11 September 2019 9:55 PM

Guest : Robyn Hills

Food and Trees for Africa is a Section 21 Non-Profit Organisation that addresses food
security, environmental sustainability, and greening. They initiate food gardens at
schools such as Mokone Primary School’s food garden provides fresh vegetables
including beetroot, cabbage, spinach, onion and cauliflower, all of which are used in the
school’s nutrition programme with any surplus sold to community members.
Another initative sees retailers like Shoprite & Checkers buying produce from
community food gardens where their customers can directly support the community
food gardens .

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